Naples Zoo humorously posts pictures of blue flamingos on April Fool’s Day

Writer: Nicholas Karsen
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Credit: Naples Zoo at Caribbean Gardens

The Naples Zoo at Caribbean Gardens contributed to the April Fool’s Day fun with pictures of blue flamingos on Facebook.

According to the post, the author expressed bewilderment at the rare sighting of the vibrant blue flamingo, chalking it up to an overconsumption of blueberries.

According to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, the American Flamingos are born white and gain their pinkish hue from their diet.

A popular misconception about flamingos is that the pigment change is created from solely eating shrimp; however, the entirety of the animal’s diet contributes to the color change.

Beta-carotene contributes to the color change in flamingos and can be found in different food sources, including carrots.

According to A-Z animals, “shrimp and algae are common parts of their diet, and they are jam-packed with this pigment.”

The social creatures often congregate in large flocks ranging from several pairs to groups numbering in the thousands. 

Credit: Naples Zoo at Caribbean Gardens

According to the FWC, the global population is estimated to be around 260,000 – 330,000 mature individuals, with Florida assuming an estimated fraction of 1% of the worldwide population.

Do note that blueberries will not change the color of flamingos from pink to blue. If you believe this, then the zoo made you an April Fool.

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