The future of Legacy Harbour after Hurricane Ian recovery

Author: Jillian Haggerty
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Ravaged buildings, derelict boats, and debris are just an eye sore. Moreover, it’s a constant reminder of Hurricane Ian and the damage it caused to Legacy Harbour in downtown Fort Myers.

With demolition underway, we turn our attention to the future.

Crews working in downtown Fort Myers consider this a sign of progress. A handful of community members said this is a step in the right direction 18 months after Hurricane Ian.

“Cleaning it up is the first step,” said Kathy Morgan, a member of the Concerned Citizens of West First Street.

Morgan stands with four other women who all ask the same question: When will we see change following Hurricane Ian? The answer is – now.

The Demolition Legacy Harbor is in full swing, giving hope to the women who live near it.

“Well, I think the neighbors along West First Street are encouraged that something has finally happened well happening it’s been 18 months at least since the hurricane, so it’s good to see their is some activity to start the cleanup,” said Morgan.

Crews are working to complete the first part of the demolition.

“The interior of this building has been cleaned out, and the heavy machines that break up the building will start the heavy work next week,” said David Mulicka, the owner of Honc Deconstruction.

Mulicka says his family has called Fort Myers home for over a hundred years making the clean up process a little more special for him.

“It means everything to us to be a part of the front-end effort to restore our county to make it better for the future, it’s been a very proud hometown of ours, and I had a wonderful life growing up here, and we want that for everybody else,” said Mulicka.

The goal is to have a better future for Fort Myers. Mayor Kevin Anderson, explained its importance.

“I have had conversations with the parties involved with the owners, and yes, there are great plans for redevelopment. They just don’t know what extent, what exactly it will look like,” said Anderson.

Mayor Anderson said he expects the first part of the demolition process to be done by next week. He also asked the state for assistance in some areas which are covered with debris and are not owned by the city.

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