23-year-old man killed in Lehigh Acres shootout after carjacking spree

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The Lee County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a fatal shootout that occurred after a 23-year-old man allegedly carjacked four cars in Lehigh Acres.

LCSO has named Ja’Darian Graham, 23, as the deceased suspect in the Lehigh Acres shooting and carjackings just after 12 p.m. on Thursday.

Sheriff Carmine Marceno spoke with WINK News to confirm that Graham went on a carjacking spree before attempting to break into a home.

Sheriff Marceno recounted how the events unfolded.

“Ends up at a known residence. Nearby shots are fired. Homeowners hit, homeowner returns fire and kills a suspect,” said Marceno. “Scenes open. Homeowners was struck in the shoulder from what I understand. Again, the homeowner returns fire, thankfully, and kills our suspect. This person is on a tear. And that’s unacceptable. So thank God for our homeowner, he’s a hero.”

The area was so busy with deputies that a neighbor said he had to show his identification just to get into his home around 10:30, Wednesday night.

The suspect first allegedly tried to carjack a vehicle from a driver on Joel Boulevard in the early morning hours of Thursday morning.

According to Marceno, the carjacking failed, and the suspect fired a gun at the vehicle as it took off.

After shooting at the vehicle, the suspect took over another nearby vehicle from a driver and escaped the scene in the car.

“A short distance later, dumps that vehicle, realizes it’s a standard shift he doesn’t know how to work,” said Marceno, “leaves on foot. He runs away. He carjacks a fourth vehicle forcibly.”

One of the five scenes, deputies investigated was at the corner of Homestead Road and Beth Stacey Boulevard.

Another was at Lee Boulevard Plaza where deputies were seen inside a Papa John’s gathering information.

While driving the stolen vehicle on Johns Avenue, the suspect ended up at a home where the homeowner began to shoot at the suspect after he tried getting into the home.

Gunshots were exchanged between both the suspect and the homeowner, with the latter sustaining injuries to his shoulder.

The suspect was killed in the gunfire, according to Marceno, and the homeowner is doing OK.

The crime spree and fatal shooting are both still under investigation.

However, during an interview with WINK News, Marceno called the homeowner a hero for his actions during the altercation.

Watch the entire interview with Marceno below (he also speaks to an unrelated scene in Pine Manor where two people were critically injured).

The suspect’s motive remains unknown. However, Marceno did note he had no criminal history.

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