State Representative Spencer Roach reflects on his time in office

Reporter: Olivia Jean
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Many of you will soon have to find a new Florida House Representative.

State Representative Spencer Roach is retiring. Before the age of 50, Republicans rose through the ranks while the red wave took over the state of Florida.

He sat down with WINK News Reporter Olivia Jean to talk about the takeaways, successes, future plans and much more.

The main reasons for leaving the job, even though he has two years of eligibility, is money and being burnt out.

“Once I get down to my last pack of Ramen Noodles, I’m going to have to go find a real job that pays more than 29k a year,” Roach said.

He talked about signing up for LinkedIn to find his next job.

Representative Roach served in the Florida House of Representatives for six years. He represents District 76, which covers DeSoto and parts of Charlotte and Lee Counties.

“I have learned a tremendous amount good, bad and ugly about the political process and public service,” Roach said.

The slogan “the only roach you want in your house” won people’s hearts.

“I’m going to take some time off, find another job, reprioritize, and reinvent.”

He said he isn’t sure what’s next but is proud of what he accomplished.

Roach helped the Florida Repertory Theatre get back on its feet after Hurricane Ian by securing one million dollars in funding. Other accomplishments he lists include a bill that forces parents to get their act together faster to reunite with their children who are in foster care and a bill that revamps wrongful death laws.

“My proudest wins are things that most people will never know about and will probably never get credit for,” Roach said.

There is some unfinished business, Roach says. Florida property insurance, universal wind coverage, the integrity of Florida’s campaign finance system, medical malpractice and rewriting the Florida constitution are issues Roach listed out.

He was in the chambers for the last time this week and his last day in office is election night, November 5th.

“I’m burned out, I’m exhausted and maybe my heart’s not in it. I would be in a position where I’m not giving my constituents 100% effort that they deserve. No one who does this job is special. We’re simply a representative. We’re a servant of the public,” Roach said.

He has advice for his successor.

“When you get into the chamber, and you have to take a vote, every vote that you take, you’re affecting the lives of 23 million Floridians. You’re affecting someone’s grandparents, someone’s parents, someone’s children, someone’s life, liberty, livelihood and property. There’s no “maybe” button on the on the chamber desk. There’s a yes button and a no button. If it ever becomes easy for you to push one of those two buttons, then it’s time for you to go home,” Roach said.

Roach said he is proud of the work he did to raise close to $400 million to help rebuild after Hurricane Ian.

He said that by the end of his term, he plans to stay active in the community and continue advocating for it.

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