Minority voters react to presidential debate

Reporter: Ashley French
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Nearly 48 million Americans watched Thursday night’s presidential debate between President Joe Biden and Former President Donald Trump.

One of the biggest topics discussed was how both candidates would persuade minority voters.

A recent poll shows that Biden leads the Black voters by 42% while Trump leads by 40% according to IPSOS.

People throughout Southwest Florida said the debate was hard to watch.

“To be honest, I could not tolerate the entire 90 minutes because, after 60 minutes, I had an idea of what was going to occur,” said Gerri Ware, Civil Rights Advocate.

A variety of topics occurred during the debate, from inflation to climate change to taking personal jabs at each other.

Despite that, Ware said she believes Biden can still be president despite what political pundits say.

“I’m 82, so I can understand, but I do not feel that person’s physical ability has anything to do with their cognitive skills, and that’s evident,” said Ware. “How can you judge a person’s performance of four years and 90 minutes?”

Throughout the first four years of Biden’s presidency, he said he’s provided more jobs thousands of jobs for minority communities.

“We provided thousands of millions of jobs for individuals for involved communities, including minority communities,” said President Biden. “We’re providing for equity, equity and making sure people have a shot to make it.”

Yvette Benarroach, a candidate for State House District 81, said the Biden Administration has not done enough to address inflation.

“I mean, families are struggling, the cost of living has risen, and we have to decide if we’re going to put gas in the car or buy food,” said Benarroach. It’s [a] really scary time for families.”

Benarroch is also a Republican who believes Trump’s policies will help to move this country forward.

“I’m a supporter of President Trump. I think he did great,” said Benarroch. We just have to get him across the finish line because we do need him back in the White House.”

Others, like Michael Barns, a Pastor and business owner, are undecided about who he’ll vote for in this upcoming election.

“There are some challenges for what people stand for as a Christian; I disagree with both parties,” said Barns. “I think that overall, every administration can only do so much.”

One thing most people agree with is making sure their voices are heard at the poll this November.

“I encourage everyone, not only Latino voters, not only Black voters, everyone to go out and vote,” said Benarroch. “Remember, the vote is your voice.”

President Biden and former President Trump have agreed to one more debate before the election. The two will square off again on September 10. 

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