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WINK News fitness expert Mike Drumm stops by with FYZICAL’S Matt DiMauro to talk about the latest technology that will accurately assess your current fitness levels and measure your progress.

The majority of New Year’s Resolutions involve health and fitness goals like running your first 5K, losing 10 pounds, or building muscle. More often than not we fall short because the goal we set is unrealistic, or you lose motivation when there is no easy way to measure your progress other than the dreaded scale. To give yourself the best chance of success this year, it’s important to set S.M.A.R.T goals (small, measurable, attainable, realistic, time based) and by assessing and tracking your progress using state of the art technology it takes all the guess work out of it.

Last month Mike’s health club Fitness on the Move was acquired by FYZICAL to offer medically-based fitness, health, wellness, and balance programs in addition to physical therapy.

FYZICAL Quantitative Assessments

The marriage between physical therapy and fitness not only makes sense, but it enhances our clients’ experience and safety by placing the client experience first. Basic membership includes access to the center’s equipment, programs, and classes as well as a quantitative fitness assessment for all members and quarterly re-assessments. Once we have their baseline data we will tailor a fitness program to help achieve personal goals.

Fyzical utilizes state-of-the-art specialized technologies designed to give the most accurate diagnosis and targeted treatment. Some of the assessment tools we use are Fit3D Proscanner, BODYQ, Rail Systems, Omniax Chair, etc.

FYZICAL State of the Art Technology

A real-time, data-driven machine called Fit3D Proscanner. The 360 degree, upright scanner captures your body’s measurements up to 1/10th of an inch. The technology is convenient for tracking progress and provides you with a personal email of your assessment (only you see this and no one else) to login and see in-depth reports of 20 reference points across your body.

A dynamic set of measurements that assess movement, function, general health, balance, and recovery that is provided by a Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT). Once this assessment is completed, a DPT will work with certified personal trainers, taking into consideration your specific limitations, to develop a medically-based fitness program designed to help you reach crucial health and wellness goals.

•WORLD CLASS BALANCE CENTER: Rail Systems, Omniax Chair (1of 14 in the world!)

FYZICAL, LLC is a medical and scientific based therapy organization that offers prescribed physical therapy, balance centers, and physical fitness programs. FYZICAL has over 65 locations in 15 states and is headquartered in Sarasota, FL.

*FREE 7-DAY PASS offered to all local residents (December 29thJanuary 4th) Just email Mike Drumm at or call him to reserve your guest pass at 239-561-1177 X202.

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