FGCU faculty may not want concealed weapons on campus

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FORT MYERS, Fla.- Faculty members at Florida Gulf Coast University are now voicing their fears over having concealed weapons on campus.

A new measure is now in the works at the state level that would allow concealed weapons at state colleges and universities.

The FGCU Faculty Senate drafted a resolution that opposes having concealed weapons on campus. Right now, the resolution is still being edited and will not be voted on until Friday morning.

WINK News obtained a copy of the drafted resolution that says universities have a legal duty to adopt policies that would create a safe environment on campus.

Another reason why they oppose having concealed weapons on campus is because of the age of students. The drafted resolution says they understand most undergraduates “are not fully mature and commonly lack the coping skills necessary to adapt to the pressures put upon them.”

“For those of us who are mature, it is a little insulting,” said student Josue Valburn.

“I don’t like being, just because of my age, being told how I am or defining how I am through that,” said student Stuart Paulk.

But many other students who spoke to WINK News say it’s true– most undergraduates are not mature enough to carry concealed weapons on campus.

“I think I am not fully mature enough to own a gun,” said student Jazmine Thomas.

“I feel like that is accurate. There is undergraduates, 18-21 and not all of them are fully mature to carry a weapon,” said student Gabriella Leverence.

Most students we spoke with say they do not want fellow students and faculty to be allowed to carry concealed weapons on campus.

“It also imposes like a danger to the campus, even if you have a permit,” said Leverence.

Florida Representative, Dane Eagle of Cape Coral, actually co-sponsored a bill that would allow concealed weapons on campus.

Shortly after the FSU shooting last year, Eagle said “If we’re restricting law abiding citizens from holding a gun to protect themselves, than the only people who are going to have guns on campuses are those who are not abiding by the law.”

The FGCU Faculty Senate resolution is to simply influence decisions at the university and their final draft of their resolution regarding concealed weapons on campus has not yet been voted on.

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