‘Young Gentlemen’s Club’ at Lee County school teaches students important values

Author: wink news

LEE COUNTY, Fla.- A small group of students has big goals. Dressed for success, they’re part of an after-school program that’s turning boys into young men.

It’s called the Young Gentlemen’s Club at Caloosa Middle School in Cape Coral.

Some of the children’s’ backgrounds are heartbreaking. But, it’s where they’re headed that’s inspiring.

“At this age, they don’t have all the tools in the toolbox that they need to live a good life, and that’s what I try to give them,” said Steven Latorre.

Latorre is a security specialist at Caloosa Middle School. His job is discipline. If a student gets in trouble, he knows about it.

“You hear, ‘oh those kids today, oh those kids today,’ but I never really saw anybody trying to help those kids today,” said Latorre.

So, he created the after-school program that teaches students important values.

Some of the boys have no father, no male role model, no one to show them right from wrong.

Through his message of empowerment and respect, Latorre is doing just that.

“From respect to integrity, accountability, I try to make them understand that every action has a reaction,” said Latorre. “I just think if I help one or two kids in the school year, I’ve done something, I’ve changed somebody’s life, and I think that’s what’s important.”

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