Search for suspect continues in Summer Wind shooting

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NAPLES, Fla.- The search for a suspect continues at the Summer Wind Apartments after a woman was shot in the leg in broad daylight.

Debra Martel says she walks her dog near a lake in the apartment complex every day around the same time, but now she’s scared to leave her home after a bullet pierced her leg.

“I never wanted to be shot. I just had a feeling from watching too many TV programs that it might hurt,” said Martel.

In good spirits, Martel lays in bed recovering from the gunshot wound.

“It hurt when it went in, but when the bullet was up top, and you could see it,” said Martel. “I don’t really think it’s completely sunk in to my mind ’cause I haven’t cried or anything, I’ve just been keeping the faith.”

“She was terrified, she started getting really pale,” said Veronia Engedretsen, Martel’s neighbor who rushed over and called for help after hearing her scream. “I was trying to hold the pressure and just calm her down and talk to dispatch.”

While Martel was taken to the hospital, hundreds of deputies swarmed the apartments off Pine Run Road with guns drawn trying to find the shooter, leaving residents on edge.

“The man power and the hours that the cops spent looking for whoever had did this and found nothing, something wrong with that,” said Aaron Martel, the victim’s son.

“It just takes a sick person to shoot towards an animal or person and I hope is that the person gets caught and justice is done,” said Martel.

Some residents say they’re also scared to walk their dogs around the complex not knowing where the bullet came from and who the shooter is.

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