Naples cop on leave after video shows him curse and flick a man off


NAPLES, Fla.- A Naples police officer is on administrative leave after a man caught him curse and show his middle finger.

The man who caught the video on his smart phone is a contractor who was working on a homeowner’s pool. David Tripp said his company was there to haul away dirt and their company’s vehicle was parked in the back of City Hall. Tripp said the police stopped by the site last week and had no problem with where they were parked. He adds, it wasn’t until the Naples City Manager wanted them gone that the argument ensued with the police. “He put his finger in front of my camera and said film this ***** which is rude, you don’t expect that from a police officer,” says Tripp. “I couldn’t get their names so I did the next best thing and turned on my camera.”

Tripp says they were parked legally and were not blocking lanes. In the full video, the police cite a possible ordinance violation the you see Tripp argue his legal right to be there. After, he said the police officers reaction was over the top. “An officer is suppose to remain calm in all matters, I never yelled at that officer and as you can see in the video the officer didn’t even know what the ordinance was the guy came up with,” says Tripp.

No violations, citations or tickets were issued and no arrests made.

The Naples Police Department is conducting an internal investigation and the officer is on administrative leave. “I believe the Chief of Police did the right thing,” says Tripp.

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