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FORT MYERS, Fla. – Did you overindulge just a wee bit on Thanksgiving? Maybe you had seconds or thirds! WINK News Fitness Expert Mike Drumm shares his tips for staying in shape throughout the holidays, and avoiding the typical holiday weight gain.

Post Feast Recovery Tips

Drink Plenty Of Water: Many times we will overeat because we are dehydrated and thirsty. Therefore, make sure that your water intake is adequate. Drinking plenty of water will help your body digest and eliminate toxins and waste!

Don’t Keep “Danger” Foods Around: We all have some food that will trigger a binge, so try to keep this food out of the house. My leftover rule on Thanksgiving is that I can indulge on the Holiday, but then enjoy only lean meats or vegetables for leftovers like Turkey and Green beans, and PLEASE don’t keep the whole pie around!

Eat well the day after. Getting back to your normal routine is important. It keeps you accountable to your goals and ensures consistency and regularity in your body’s digestion.

Start a healthy habit: The longer you wait after the holidays to develop a plan to get moving the more likely that weight is going to stick around. Make a plan or find a program with a specific schedule that will keep you on track for at least four weeks to develop a healthy new exercising habit.


STEP 1: The Post-Meal Workout. Rebound after your big meal by completing a simple workout. Create a calorie deficit by exercising to burn off that turkey and mashed potatoes.

1-MIN WARM UP: Do the following 3 moves for 15 secs each, with no rest. Repeat twice.

路Knee Raises or March in Place聽 (add shoulder circles and knees to elbows)
路Body Weight Squats
路Step Back with Rotation
路Squat, Walk hands out, Pushup, Walk hand back, Stand back up (or get into plank)

STEP 2: Do the following for 10 seconds each exercise. After finishing all of the exercises, rest 1 minute and then repeat again!
路Jumping Jacks (Low Impact Option-Step Out)
路Squats/Squat Jumps (Low Impact Option – Chair Sits)
路Mt Climbers Start at a jogging pace, work up to a running pace.
路Squat-Thrust (Step Back or hop back) (or hold Plank)
路Plank Jack / 2-Knee Tucks (to elbows)

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