After 10K miles the Kindness Bus raises awareness for children with disabilities

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A man spreading kindness across our country, one mile at a time, makes his way back to Southwest Florida after a huge adventure.

The goal of the man behind the wheel is to raise awareness for children with disabilities.

Ten-thousand miles and nearly nine months later, Bob Votruba, his bike, and notorious bus are back in town after traveling the perimeter of the United States.

“This is just unbelievable! I love this! (honks) See there we are, we have people blowing their horns in appreciation,” Votruba said.

This is Votruba’s 10th year spreading “One Million Acts of Kindness”, while raising awareness for children with disabilities. He says, “The meaning of this ride and my traveling throughout the United States is just to connect with the individual.”

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This ride though has a special meaning. “B-T is Bethany Thompson, and these initials are six kids that I know that took their lives and early on in my mission, all the way down to Bethany Thompson… She was a girl who was bullied because she had a smile that was a little off center, because she overcame cancer, she had a tumor in her brain and kids made fun of her.”

From special events and schools to family gatherings.

Votruba says it’s a beautiful reminder of all the good in this country. “That’s what it is, it’s going a little further in your life and giving a little bit more or a whole lot more to others.”

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