Cape Coral council, mayor to discuss parking ordinance

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Cape Coral leaders will be holding a meeting to explore modifications to an existing parking ordinance.

The current city ordinance restricts commercial vehicles from parking in driveways and boats must be parked behind homes.

Captain Jonathan Black loves boating, but said the current ordinance makes it difficult for him to bring his boat back home after a day in the water.

“Any time I put my boat out, it’s one day or it may be hours that code enforcement comes by,” Black said. “The city makes it hard to keep your boat at your house or your residence.”

Cape Coral resident Dick Reppucci doesn’t mind boats in the driveway, but doesn’t want to see commercial cars on his streets.

“When we decided to come down here to live, the first thing we did was go up and down the streets looking at neighborhoods and if there were trucks or anything like that,” Reppucci said.

Councilmember Dave Stokes released the following statement:

“Cape Coral has 400 miles of canals and year round pleasant temperatures. I have been contacted by many residents who would like to be able to park their boat in their driveway to save money on storage fees and keep their lawns nice by not having to drive their boat/boat trailer across it regularly. I have been contacted by small business owners who must respond to service calls in the middle of the night for broken water pipes and air conditioners that break down who would like to have one reasonable size work pickup/small van in their driveway to be able to respond to service calls faster to help our residents. I also have been contacted by small camper/rv owners who are senior citizens on fixed incomes who would like to be able to park their small rv/camper in their driveway saving from 1200-2400$ a year. I am hoping at this coming Monday night’s meeting we can agree to make some minor changes to our parking regulations to help save our taxpayers money and time. Citizens are welcome to attend and speak at the meeting this Monday at 430pm at City Hall, call the City Council Offices at 239-574-0437 or email City Council with their thoughts on this matter.”

Councilmember John Carioscia, District 2, released the following statement:

“I have talked with numerous SW residents, as well as put the issue on Facebook and it has been just about unanimous that NO change in the current Ordinance is desired. So, unless I hear something at the COW meeting that would change my mind, I will not be supporting any change to the current Ordinance, as it is written.”

The city council and Cape Coral Mayor Joe Coviello are set to discuss parking restrictions at 4:30 p.m. on Monday at the Cape Coral City Hall.

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