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Cape council discusses plan for outdoor event center


Cape Coral is buying land for a massive outdoor event center called Festival Park, but developers have been encountering many obstacles along the way.

Since 2003, a city breakdown says the city has already spent $27.2 million acquiring more than 400 parcels of land for the project.

But some neighbors like Philip Bozenski aren’t so sure about it.

“Personally, if it is going to be used for any type of land usage, I would look at keeping it as a residential area,” Bozenski said.

“This is a residential area, leave it a residential area,” added another neighbor in the area.

On Monday, Cape officials met to talk about the future of the park.

A memo to the mayor and council says they will need to re-examine the park’s master plan and could consider scaling back. It also says the council could consider reducing the size of the festival park by removing 37 waterfront properties.

A city spokesperson said that last month, they were getting appraisals finalized on purchasing property part of an old golf course. However, there is no update on a proposed purchase agreement.