Neighbors upset over ‘eyesore’ abandoned construction site

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A half-finished home in one Cape Coral neighborhood has residents of the area frustrated.

It’s in the area of Chiquita Boulevard and Embers Parkway.

“They started. They did a little bit of work. They poured the foundation. They came back with material. They built some concrete and then stopped and then they left the mess,” said neighbor Harvey Selinger.

“I haven’t seen someone on this property in probably eight or nine months. The last time they were here, they were picking up re-bar that’s partially buried in the sand over there. Nobody has done any work on this in I couldn’t tell you how long,” added neighbor Jim Leatherman.

Stacks of cinder blocks and piles of warped wood still sit untouched. Overgrown weeds litter the lawn, and a portable toilet also occupies the yard. Neighbors say it’s not the view they had in mind when they moved in.

“It’s just an eyesore. If you’re going to start something, finish it,” Selinger said.

Neighbors say they tried talking to the builder “Nextech Construction”, but didn’t get anywhere with their inquiries. Now they want the city to either get the home finished or torn down because it’s not just ugly, it’s a safety hazard.

“I’m feeling kind of lucky that during hurricane Irma that block wall didn’t come down and become flying projectiles that would have taken out God knows what of houses in this neighborhood,” Leatherman said.

Nextech has yet to respond to a request for comment.

The city did confirm there is an “active code case” at the property, however.

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