Little girl saves her family from a burning home in Lehigh Acres

Reporter: Morgan Rynor

A little girl rescued her whole family in Lehigh Acres over the weekend.

The six-year-old’s quick thinking got her mom and siblings out safe after their home was engulfed in flames early Saturday morning.

“I taught her very well she’s a real trooper,” her mom said. “She was just so calm with it so I thought she was just talking, I thought she was just playing but she wasn’t playing.”

Dariah says she woke her brothers up and ran to wake up her mom.

Both of Dariah’s older brothers were already safe on the street when her mom went looking for them.

“If it weren’t for my daughter me and my kids would have been dead in the house…because the smoke alarms didn’t go off,” her mom said.

Liundra Mark says their smoke alarms were inspected last month. Now, she says that hopefully they can start over.

“I think my mom is going to say that I was a hero and I saved the day,” Dariah said.

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