New insight into the mob connections in Southwest Florida

Reporter: Anika Henanger
John Pollok was the attorney for many of the mobs' biggest names. Photo via WINK News.
John Pollok was the attorney for many of the mobs’ biggest names. Photo via WINK News.

Here in North Naples, the intersection of Orange Blossom Dr. and Bridgewater Bay Blvd. seems completely calm and quiet. But in April of 2017, the intersection is where law enforcement nabbed one of the men now accused of killing notorious gangster Whitey Bulger.

“He was protected by the FBI,” John Pollok said.

Pollok was the attorney for many of the mobs’ biggest names. These include Angelo the “Duck,” Johnny Dio Guardi and John Gotti. Pollok now lives in North Naples. He said, Whitey Bulger’s years as an informant made him vulnerable.

“His position apparently to inform on the mob,” Pollok said, “they didn’t appreciate it.”

“They,” as in organized crime. Freddy Geas, the man picked up by the Collier County Sheriff’s Office years ago and reputed Mafia hit man.

Pollok said the vicious attack on Bulger only a day after his transfer to the West Virginia prison is all part of the mob mentality.

“For may years the FBI protected him despite the fact — he was one bad dude,” Pollok said. “They don’t forget, but neither does the mob.”

But the mob did seem to remember Southwest Florida as a hiding ground, Pollok said.

“Oh yes!” he said. “They would. They like the weather like anyone else.”

But Pollok believes Bulger’s death signals a change.

“The Godfather,” Pollok said. “Those days we think of are over”

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