Add security measures to deter burglars from your home

Reporter: Taylor Petras Writer: Jack Lowenstein
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Homeowners across Southwest Florida have caught burglars in the act with their surveillance cameras. Despite being watched, security experts said crooks keep striking.

So how can you improve security at your home? Crime prevention specialists said, to protect your home best, you have to think like a thief.

“Pretend you’re a criminal. Walk around your house at night, what would be seen?” said Heather Turco, a crime prevention specialist.

On top of cameras, get motion sensor lights to scare away potential crooks.

“If you’re conscientious about lights coming on, then you’re probably conscientious about other things too, and criminals know that,” said Nelson.

Cape Coral Police Department could not give a number to how many times. surveillance pictures or videos from doorbell cameras have helped lead to arrests.

Cape Coral said its partnership with Ring, a home security company, has worked several times to catch criminals.

Nelson said cameras are great when they are monitored.

Law enforcement recommends homeowners install a surveillance system.

Nelson also said it doesn’t hurt to go the extra mile when locking up.

“There’s a lot of people who will lock their garage door, and it’s a lot easier than most people realize,” Nelson said.


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