Chiquita Lock: Debate whether it should stay or go

Reporter: Morgan Rynor
Published: Updated:

The debate over whether to remove a waterway lock is growing. Boaters are active in the water, and they had to spend hours waiting to pass through the mechanism.

After a long wait, boaters have been able to pass through Chiquita Lock in Cape Coral Sunday night after waiting in line for hours.

“Pretty long line, probably a two hour wait, Bruce Porter said. “I had the same thing yesterday, big long wait. But fortunately for us, we live just across the road here, so if we can find a place to park we walk home and come back and get it at night.”

Many boaters said they want the lock removed.

“It might have served a purpose at one time, but it’s not necessary,” Porter said.

The Department of Environmental Protection approved the removal of the lock last month, but now they are reviewing a petition by homeowners.

Other boaters are fighting for it to say.

“This lock has been keeping algae from getting into the south west cape canals since this algae problem has started,” Matthew Marshall.



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