Roundabout could be coming to Gateway Boulevard at Griffin Drive

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Gateway Boulevard at Griffin Drive. Photo Credit: WINK News drone.

Neighbors in Gateway say a shortcut is causing headaches at one particular intersection, and it’s not just for those who live nearby.

So, Lee County commissioners have a plan β€” a roundabout. It would be constructed along Gateway Boulevard at Griffin Drive.

Commissioners hope the roundabout helps the flow of traffic. Particularly at rush hour when traffic gets backed up.

Neighbors here have mixed emotions about the change.

Josie Altieri has ridden his bike up and down Gateway Boulevard for years. One of his main concerns is getting hit by a vehicle, “It doesn’t matter what they do you’re still going to have accidents.”

Drivers like Lona Sutton feel it just won’t work, “It needs a stop light, no roundabout. A stoplight would be perfect for this area.”

Currently, drivers say during the morning and evening hours it takes them more than 15 minutes just to get through the area. And roundabouts are intended to keep traffic moving…

Alex Killips says he’sΒ all for it, “I’m all in it. Sounds like a very good solution. We had a lot of those up in Michigan.”

Commissioner Cecil Pendergrass says he has received messages from the community about adding a light, but says it’s not the best option, “There’s not enough count there or enough traffic there to put a light. Plus, residents aren’t aware that if you put a traffic signal, there all the beautiful oak trees would have to come down.”

Pendergrass said the roundabout is the most convenient most efficient way to move traffic at that location.

County commissioners are expected to approve the project during their Tuesday meeting.

Construction would begin in 2021.

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