School District of Lee County refuses to fix bus routes, former driver says

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Parked school buses. Photo via AP/Seth Perlman.
(AP/Seth Perlman)

Dave Byron said he left his job with the School District of Lee County last month out of frustration. There were many problems driving children to and from school that he thought he could help solve.

As a substitute bus driver, Byron drove a variety of routes.

“You get a paper route,” Byron said. “You are not allowed to use a phone or GPS.”

Dave Byron, former bus driver. (Credit: WINK News)
Dave Byron, former bus driver. (Credit: WINK News)

The former bus driver said most of the routes were wrong.

“This is the reason why buses are showing up late because we constantly get lost,” Byron said. “Ninety percent of those routes are wrong directions. The students have to help us out because the route sheet is wrong.”

Byron said he tried to get the routes fixed. Not just for substitutes, but all drivers.

“It was the same answer,” Byron said. “We can’t do anything. No, you don’t want to do anything.”

Byron said he offered a solution.

“Give me a company vehicle,” Byron said. “I don’t know, let’s say it takes two months, five days a week eight hours a day. I know for a fact I can fix every single one of those routes even if I have to drive it myself.”

But still, Byron said the School District of Lee County was not interested in his offer. He is not surprised bus drivers quit and parent worry about their kids arriving late. But, he hopes solutions come soon — even if he is not the one behind the wheel.

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