Veteran told to take down his tribute in honor of fallen soldiers

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Veterans home with painting. (Credit: WINK News)
Veterans home with painting. (Credit: WINK News)

He wore our nation’s uniform. He fought for our country and came home. But he never forgot those who died in battle.

He painted a tribute in their memory and to make others aware of the ultimate sacrifice. But not everyone likes what the veteran has done to his home.

Bob Masson fought for our freedom overseas. But he said he feels like he has been kicked in his face all because of a tribute he painted in honor of fallen soldiers.

“I was in Vietnam and I went through a lot,” Masson said. “When I put this up, every guy I was with they popped into my head as I was doing it. So it’s killing me to have to take it down.”

The memorial is a mirror image of a statue sitting right under his flag pole.

“I’m a military man all the way,” Masson said. “I’ve got my house decorated, a room full of military stuff.”

But hometown America communities, the management company that runs the Del Tura Community, sent Masson a letter last week. It came after another homeowner sent in a formal complaint.

“I’m just appalled I have to take this off my garage door,” Masson said.

Dozens of retired veterans took the news to heart. They joined forces at the front office. But the community requires uniformity, which means no painting. Since Memorial Day is right around the corner, the company will allow Masson to keep the tribute until then.

“They said I could have a flag made of it and put it on the side of my house or have it made out of black plexiglass,” Masson said.

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