“Hearts and Homes for Veterans” charity helping veterans in need

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Donald Payton is a Vietnam veteran and now he’s serving soldiers in need right here in Southwest Florida.

Payton founded a charity that helps people get off the street and back on their feet. He knows that some don’t have a place to call home and items like shaving cream and soap are a luxury.

He knows this well because he was once homeless himself.

“Because there’s a lot of veterans out there and I was unfortunately involved in being homeless and didn’t really know where to turn and then Don started this,” said Payton.

“Hearts and Homes for Veterans” is the name of his non-profit charity, and it started with the inspiration he received after witnessing soldiers struggling to re-adjust back to civilian life.

“I said something has to be done, somebody needs to do something, to make them feel like people really care so we try to give them a leg up,” said Payton.

It all started with Payton handing out items from the back of his truck, and has blossomed into many hands helping his non-profit provide veterans with transportation, toiletries, and furnishings.

“It’s a great thing when you see them finally get in the house we just had a family with 5 children and we got them in a house and all the kids were coming up and hollering we have a bed we have a bed,” said Payton.

Payton says his next step is to add counseling services to uplift veterans in need.





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