10-year-old invents shelter to save lives after natural disasters

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A portable shelter could help save lives after a natural disaster like a hurricane. And the brains behind it is a 10-year-old boy from Lee County. He looks to put his invention to the test at a national convention.

Hayden Fuller hopes the “Life Pod” he developed will one day help save lives after natural disasters do damage.

“It’s made for any natural disaster, really,” Fuller said. I decided to make something that could help [people].”

“Life Pod” is a collapsible, portable, climate-controlled shelter.

“Essentially it’s almost like a big, giant cooler,” Fuller said. “It can keep people cool, since it’s insulated.”

Fuller said the pod is fuel efficient, perfect for a crisis situation after a storm that may leave a home without power.

“Since the air conditioner can put out a lot without creating much energy, it is able to stay cool for a very long and can go for a very long time without running out of fuel.”

Fuller said the nursing home tragedy on the east coast after Hurricane Irma inspired him to create “Life Pod.”

“I was sad because actually it could have been my grandma in there,” Fuller said. “Can you imagine dying from not having air conditioning?”

Fuller gets to showcase his invention on a national stage in Michigan next month, where he will compete against students from all over the country. “Life Pod” has already won him contest at regional and state levels.

When it comes to patenting his invention, Fuller said he is more focused on helping other.

“Not really worried about the patent,” Fuller said. “I would rather donate to like a big company or something and let them kind of put it on the market and let them figure out how to do it.”

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