Brothers ambush Lani Kai employee in the parking lot

Reporter: Morgan Rynor
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Mugshot of Erik and David Olsen. (Credit: LCSO)
Mugshot of Erik and David Olsen. (Credit: LCSO)

A hotel employee ambushed. The Lani Kai tells WINK News two brothers were kicked out of the hotel bar for carrying around a bottle of liquor. Then, investigators said the brothers came back and stabbed the employee.

“Stabbed him?” said Katelyn Spiel, who is visiting from Pennsylvania. “That’s absolutely disturbing.”

Beach goers are in disbelief over a stabbing at the Lanai Kai on Fort Myers Beach. The victim told deputies Erik Olsen came up to him and asked to check on suspicious behavior in the parking lot.

When he arrived in the parking lot, he said David Olsen ambushed him and together they stabbed the victim.

“They not belong to this neighborhood,” said Peter Diaz, a Cape Coral resident. “They have to get out of this neighborhood because we don’t want crime over here.”

The employee started yelling for help over his radio and a security guard told deputies he rushed right downstairs to help.

The security guard said the victim was gasping for air and whispering, “please don’t let me die.”

Security guards with Lanai Kai were able to hold onto David Olsen. But Erik ran away, until deputies later found him along Estero Blvd. and arrested him.

Lanai Kai told us the employee is going to be okay. As for the brothers, they are facing charges of Aggravated Battery With a Weapon.

“I’m glad that everybody is okay in the end and that everybody worked as a team together,” Spiel said.

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