Judge seeks local expert to opine on Desmaret’s competency to stand trial

Reporter: Taylor Petras
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Mugshot of Wisner Desmaret, 30, (Credit: Lee County Sheriff's Office)
Mugshot of Wisner Desmaret, 30, (Credit: Lee County Sheriff’s Office)

Escorted into the courtroom surrounded by deputies, Wisner Desmaret remained quiet for the short discussion Monday on whether he is competent to stand trial for the murder of a police officer.

The state attorney wants the death penalty for Desmart for the July 2018 shooting that killed Fort Myers Police Officer Adam Jobbers Miller.

Two doctors have already evaluated the defendant. But his lawyers and the state attorney want the judge to approve the hiring of two more experts to provide an opinion. One of the experts is from Tampa while the other is from Gainesville.

“Neither of these experts are under contract with the court system – so I’m not.” Judge Joseph Fuller said. “I’m refusing to sign that order.”

Instead, Fuller said he would appoint his own expert to examine Desmaret.

“We’ve got sufficient local experts under contract,” Fuller said, “that are fully competent and capable to determine whether or not he’s competent to proceed.”

The judge said both sides could hire their own experts to examine Desmaret if necessary.

In April, Fuller said he would allow experts to perform a PET scan of Desmaret’s brain.

“We’ve already had the intellectual ability examined,” Fuller said.

“Yes sir,” said Andrew Crawford, attorney for Wisner Desmaret.

“Okay?” Fuller said. “Now what we are looking at is his competency, competency to stand trial.”

“Yes sir,” Crawford said.

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