Parents using Uber to get kids to school against company policy

Reporter: Gina Tomlinson Writer: Jack Lowenstein
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Some parents are turning to Uber to get their kids to school on time. But it’s against the rideshare company’s policy to give a ride to anyone under 18 years old. On an annual basis, Uber drivers say parents keeping ignoring that, however.

The roads in Southwest Florida can be frustrating for parents trying to get their children to school in a timely fashion.

”I’m having an issue with getting my 14-year-old to high school,” Dawn Eisenhauer said.

Just like many other busy parents, Eisenhauer said driving her daughter to school is the only option sometimes.

“She doesn’t have a bus, so I have to take her,” Eisenhauer said.

Some parents are turning to the popular rideshare services like Uber to help them out. But others are not as readily willing to use those services as a viable option.

“For me, I wouldn’t want my kid to get in a car with a stranger,” Eisenhauer said.

But it’s happening regardless. An Uber driver we spoke to said they have driven children both to and from school in the past. The driver also mentioned adults themselves often get in the wrong vehicle, which worries them to think about children attempting to use the service.

It’s not something the Uber driver said they feel comfortable with. And, again, it’s against Uber policy to give rides to juveniles without an adult rider as well.

“If it’s against their policy, I don’t think they should be picking up children,” Eisenhauer said.

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