What happens to all the orange barricades before a storm?

Reporter: Breana Ross
Published: Updated:
FILE: Construction area. (Credit: WINK News)

As the storm swoops in what happens with all the orange barrels in construction zones?

Hurricane, or even tropical force, winds could turn those barrels into dangerous flying objects.

Neighbor Kevin Schermerhorn said, “I don’t think they’re cemented down or nailed down, so any wind is going to fly them like a kite probably.”

We spoke to a specialist with the US 41 construction project and she said each construction project has a specific hurricane preparedness plan.

Most include removing non-essential items that could pose a risk – like those orange barrels.

The bright orange barrels are being moved because they’re light-weight and could easily be blown away by high winds.

Construction crews will also remove cones, temporary signs, and suspend all work until the storm threat is over.

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