Destructive Trend: Hard objects thrown along south Fort Myers roads

Reporter: Morgan Rynor Writer: Jack Lowenstein
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A car owner is in distress after someone threw a piece of fruit at their vehicle, causing hundreds of dollars in damages. A large dent is visible on the owner’s vehicle. And this is not isolated; it’s part of a destructive trend along a Lee County stretch of road.

We previously reported about car owners whose vehicles were attacked along roadways in south Fort Myers by people who were throwing hard objects at them from their own vehicle.

There are no known suspects. But deputies confirmed, when students are out of school, there will be an increase in this type of crime.

Police fear this trend will continue through the holiday break, as another car was hit by someone throwing fruit at vehicles along a stretch of McGregor Boulevard right before Winkler Road recently. The owner now must fix damages upward of $500.

“It sounded more like a gunshot,” John Scherer told WINK News previously. “That’s how loud it was.”

This marks at least the fourth incident near or along Winkler Rd. And it’s not only vehicles that are being targeted.

“We went on a casual bike ride as normal, like we normally do,” Isabella Meninger told us previously. “And, out of nowhere, we got hit by something.”

Isabella was visibly upset and in tears when recounting their experience. A Yoo-hoo chocolate milk tin can barely missed Isabella, as someone chucked it in her direction.

“You can seriously kill someone,” said Jordon Meninger, Isabella’s brother. “You could have seriously hurt her that day. Why are we doing it?”

Scherer is convinced the people to blame live nearby the stretch of roadway. The married couple patrolled Winkler Rd. for days following their close call without discovering a culprit.

Several victims say they believe the people responsible are driving a white 2014 Ford F-150

Throwing any object at a moving vehicle is a felony.

“Next time, just don’t purposefully hit someone,” Isabella said. “Don’t throw it. Leave it in your car until you get somewhere and can throw it away.”

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