Coronavirus myths vs facts: Microwaving your mask does not kill germs

Reporter: Corey Lazar
Photo via CBS News

It’s Friday, and that means WINK News is helping you sort out what is fact and what is not when it comes to protecting yourself from COVID-19.

First myth: Microwaving your mask will kill the germs

False: The CDC recommends you wash your face mask in the washing machine and dry it or replace the filters used.

Second myth: Drinking lots of water prevents your from getting coronavirus

False: While staying hydrated is healthy and it also helps in the recovery process—doctors say just drinking lots of water will not prevent COVID-19.

Third myth: Taking a hot bath prevents you from getting sick.

False: Trying to raise your body temperature does not prevent you from contracting the virus.

For more information on how to protect yourself from COVID-19 visit the CDC website here.

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