Friday Facts: Debunking online myths

Reporter: Corey Lazar
Coronavirus illustration. (Credit: CDC via MGN)
Illustration (Credit: CDC via MGN)

It’s Friday, so we are helping you by debunking the latest myths that have been posted online with Friday Facts.

First myth: The government planned the coronavirus pandemic because the coronavirus relief bill had been introduced three years earlier.

A snapshot online shows the cares act online with the date of 2017.

This is false, Politifact dug into this claim to speed up the coronavirus relief, senators stripped out the text of an existing House-passed bill and inserted the new text into it.

The post online misstated the introduction date.

Second myth: COVID-19 is the leading cause of death now in the U.S.

That is half true—Politifact found it’s true when looking at the number of deaths per day.

But the CDC still says heart disease and cancer are still the leading causes of death.

Third myth: Experts say COVID-19 will be here to stay even after a vaccine.

Politifact says this is mostly true—A true return to normalcy likely isn’t possible until a vaccine is widely available, which could be a year or more.

Many expect it to remain in the environment and ebb and flow like the seasonal flu even after a vaccine.

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