Families, friendships and relationships are all being strained because of politics

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Houses are becoming divided. People are struggling with their family, relationships and friendships that are strained by politics.

Many people want Election Day to come and go as quickly as possible. Folks are saying that while talking about politics and religion during holiday gatherings can be dicey that we should focus on what we have in common.

Folks in voting lines are strangers to one another. But they’ve all got interpersonal relationships that they want to maintain. However, that means these relationships don’t always translate to shared votes.

“My sister, she and I don’t agree. She’s a Trump hater,” said William Bald of Cape Coral.

“My child…we don’t talk about politics. Can’t,” said Barbara Reilly.

Debbie Nawrocki said, “My sister who I love dearly. She is totally opposite from me.”

“I’m their dad. I can only tell them how I feel. If they choose not to listen to Dad that’s up to them,” said Jack Mezerewski, laughing.

Family is sacred to them, so voters are finding their own ways to keep their own ways to keep them together.

“We don’t talk about politics,” Reilly said. “And that’s what we do. We step back.”

“I give my views, they give theirs, okay, guys how’s the babies doing,” said Mezerewski.

Friendships are sacred, too. But it’s difficult to keep politics from coming up in those.

“She got out of control and she hasn’t apologized since so I can’t talk to her,” Reilly said.  but they’ve been friends for “20 years” according to Reilly.

Nawrocki doesn’t speak to her friend anymore. “About fifteen years. And now we don’t talk. So, it’s very sad,” she said.

“You see people getting into those Facebook wars and defriending each other,” said Gabe Jacobs.

These folks might be strangers to each other but they do seem to have one thing in common, we’re all human. “We’re humans first, you know?” Jacobs said.

“And hopefully this will be over Tuesday,” Bald said. He hopes more folks follow in the footsteps of his parents. While they’ve been married for decades and while they voted differently the entire time, they never let it take up time at dinner.

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