Fake websites are promising to get you TSA PreCheck or Global Entry into the U.S.

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Since more people are traveling now, travel-related scams are on the rise.

Crooks know that no one wants to wait in long security lines. But, this impatience could cost you. The fake sites pop up on google right alongside the real ones.

TSA PreCheck and Global Entry are great programs that are known as trusted traveler programs. They help you get through those long lines quicker.

And now, with the travel picking up in America, it could be time to renew your program registration. So scammers, knowing this, are setting up fake sites to try and trick you.

Bryan Oglesby works with the Better Business Bureau. “Consumers that are going online and searching for the governmental TSA PreCheck website and coming across 3rd party fake websites leading them to believe they are updating their tsp pre check information and giving up personal information to scammers,” Oglesby said.

While it is common for scammers to contact potential victims via email or through text, this scam relies on online advertising and social media appearing in search engines. If you click on one of these links, you end up on a fraudulent website that has the capability to steal your money and personal information.

To stay safe you can:

  • look up the website yourself
  • check the spelling on the website and look for the .gov ending
  • look for the look in the top left corner of the web address bar
  • and, as always, have an identity theft plan

These programs really do make the airport experience better so do not shy away from using them. But, make sure you are providing your information to the right people. Identity theft is on the rise and not going away so be sure to have a plan if it happens.

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