A boy’s childhood wish is granted

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A young boy had a wish and on Sunday his wish came true.

Cody Luft has always had a love for animals. They made him happy and, growing up, he needed all the happiness he could get.

Erica Luft is Cody’s mother. “Just having that comfort in the love of an animal and to be able to be worry-free even if it’s for an hour or two hours in the evening,” she said.

Erica told WINK News that her son has been through it all. Cody has autism and a seizure disorder.

She says she’s seen her struggle too many times to count. She also believes these are things no 15-year-old should have to go through.

“He’s up for another brain surgery coming up,” said Erica. “He’s got to do some more testing and stuff like that. So it’s been kind of stressful for him. He worries a lot now that he’s older.”

Daniela Malo works with Make-A-Wish. “He was referred to us. We sent out to Wish Granters and they interviewed him. They asked him what he loved and it was very evident that he loved caring for animals,” Malo said.

Representative Malo said for the past two months, she and her team have been doing everything possible to keep Cody’s mind off of his struggle.

His dream was to have a horse and, two months later, his Make-A-Wish made that wish come true.

“I’m so excited. The horse is happy to play with me,” Cody said.

“Just seeing his face. I mean with any other child, just seeing the joy that it bring,” Malo said.

Worries aside, newly established horse owner Cody Luft can finally focus on being a kid for some time.

Make-A-Wish also provided six months of boarding, food, a saddle and a transport carrier for the horse.

And, it is abundantly clear that Cody is very thankful. The entire time he was riding his new horse, he was smiling from ear to ear.

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