Former Afghan interpreter and family living ‘American Dream’ in Cape Coral

Writer: Drew Hill
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Frank and family
Credit: WINK News

The former interpreter for a Cape Coral veteran, who was able to escape the Taliban, made it to Southwest Florida last week with his family. Now, they say they’re living the “American Dream.”

WINK News has been following Frank’s journey for months. This is because it’s not every day that a Green Beret from Cape Coral helps an Afghan and five of his children escape the Tabilan’s stronghold.

But, now that the family is here and safe, what’s next for them? How do they start over and build a new life?

The gunshots and explosions are something Frank cannot forget. “It just seemed like a dream for me because so much like a difficult time, tough time,” Frank said. “And so it’s affected me still I can’t believe you know, I’m saving me over here so it’s a kind of trauma or something if I look how do I know I’m safe?”

Frank hopes, in time, those nightmares will fade. For now, he is counting on the American Dream for help with transitioning from one lifestyle to another. “It’s just the slogan of the USA … Freedom Liberty justice. There is nothing to worry about. It is a golden opportunity,” Frank said.

“So … it just depends on me. If I’m lazy so it will be my own fault. I need to work, and I can improve myself step by step, you know,” said Frank.

Frank knows he has a friend in Aaron Forum. He worked as Forum’s interpreter when he was serving in Afghanistan. And, it was Forum who found a way to get Frank and his family out of Afghanistan and to Cape Coral.

Now, Frank and his two oldest sons work for Forum. He owns Shoot Center. Frank and his sons began work on Black Friday.  “I just imagine everything like a nice and cool can happen to me into my family,” Frank said. “At least I’m sure that my kids will get a good medical service and you will go to the best schools and you will… you will be educated well, you know, so I’m just … an optimist. I’m happy.”

WINK News asked Frank how he likes working in Southwest Florida? He responded, “Back in Afghanistan, you make two or three dollars a day working sun up to sundown, doing hard physical labor.”

“I just made 120 times that amount in the first two days I’ve worked here, ” Frank said. “America is not bad so far.”

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