Leaders in Fort Myers push for more security after string of smash-and-grab robberies

Reporter: Taylor Wirtz Writer: Drew Hill
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Fort Myers City Council meeting Monday, March 1, 2021. Credit: via WINK News.

Within the last month, WINK News has told you about several smash-and-grab robberies in Southwest Florida. Now, Fort Myers city leaders want to get ahead of crime and protect you and your property.

The tragedy of 9-year-old Brooklyn Grace Spears touched the hearts of many, including Fort Myers City Councilman Liston Bochette. Spears was hit by a car in her own driveway.

“One child’s death is a million times too many,” said Bochette.

But there’s also been crime. Smash-and-grab robberies have been happening across Southwest Florida at stores and in cars.

“We’re a good West Coast City, we don’t have some of the problems of other cities, but we don’t want to drop our guard and wish we’d done something sooner,” Bochette said.

So, Councilman Bochette wanted to encourage his fellow council members to think outside of the box for ways to prevent this from happening. How can the council prevent tragedy before it happens? How can they reduce crime?

His ideas included stricter speed enforcement and a citizen task force. But, of course, he’s looking for input from other council members and those who live here. While Bouchette believes Fort Myers is a safe area with a lot of charm, he says the only way to keep this area safe is to act now.

“The way we’ll be able to handle this is get out in front of it early, and have everything in position long before we have to react, be proactive and get everything out. So people have confidence in our community,” said Bochette.

At Monday’s city council meeting, Councilman Bochette asked the Fort Myers city manager if his concerns could be a point of focus at a future meeting.

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