Day of Holocaust Remembrance: Listen to Abe Price’s story of survival

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Abe Price

Abe Price survived the Holocaust.

He survived Auschwitz, Trzeblinia, torture and terror.

“My dad, he was strong and smart,” said Sidney Price, Abe’s son.

Herb Price said his father’s story was one of survival.

“I think the reason he survived, excuse me, was because he needed to be able to tell his story,” Herb Price said.

Before Abe died in 2014, he recorded his story so he can always share it.

On Thursday, the day of Holocaust Remembrance, the Naples Holocaust Museum and Cohen Education Center invited the community to hear Abe in his own words.

In his testimony, Abe does not shy away from the horror, including the hangings, gassings, shippings, shooting and the gruesome murder of his parents.

Because one of the lessons of the Holocaust is about hate. What it looks like and how to fight it.

Abe’s story also shares a lesson about how to fight back.

After the war, he and his wife moved to Indiana to start a new life.

“He got a job in a bakery and learned English. Actually, from some of my brother Herb’s books while he was in kindergarten, they had picture books with English. And he learned well, he was learning English, they both learned English,” Sidney Price said.

Herb Price said his dad used to tell people they can accomplish anything in life.

“Anything if they just work hard and follow their dreams,” Herb Price said.

The worst thing happened to the Prices.

“My parents were the most optimistic people in the world,” Herb Price said. “If anything my father would give you hope of a beautiful future.”

For more on Abe Price and his story, follow the link.

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