What to know about Daylight Saving Time

Reporter: Corey Lazar
Published: Updated:
Daylight Saving Time is this weekend.

Only a few more days left of early sunsets. Daylight Saving Time is this weekend.

You will have to spring your clocks forward an hour on Sunday.

That hour is important to people in Florida and a growing number of people across the country who want to make Daylight Saving Time permanent.

In 2019, Florida voted to make that change but the state can’t change it on its own without Congress’ approval.

Florida is one of 19 states that want the change and another 22 states are set to debate the Sunshine Protection Act this year.

Germany became the first country to enact Daylight Saving Time and now 70 countries use it.

But critics say it increases energy use by about 1%.

The only states that don’t use it are Hawaii and Arizona.

Also, numerous studies show the extra hour of sleep we lose by springing ahead causes a 24% increased risk of heart attack as well as an increased risk of stroke and seasonal depression.

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