After abortion ban reinstated, protests for and against continue at Planned Parenthood

Reporter: Gail Levy

After some back and forth, women in Florida can only have an abortion up until 15 weeks.

There are no exceptions for rape or incest in the Sunshine State.

A Florida judge originally blocked the abortion ban, but it has since been appealed and reinstated.

Supporters of Roe V. Wade and those against it were outside Planned Parenthood in south Fort Myers on Wednesday.

Kate Tardif proudly wears her cross on her chest.

“I believe in God and spirit,” Tardif said. “Many people of spirit support choice.”

And she believes a woman and her doctor know what’s best.

“It’s not a place for government intervention,” Tardif said.

With her faith over her heart, she prays the 15-week abortion law is as restrictive as it gets in Florida.

None of those against abortion wanted to speak to WINK News on Wednesday.

They referred questions to Verity Medical Clinic, a faith-based pregnancy and medical resource center that wants to address “the abortion crisis,” according to their website.

“I believe that every child is created in the image of God and he intended for every child to live and as such we want to help make that happen,” said Executive Director Becky Anderson.

Anderson said she feels a strong connection to God.

She said her clinic will help a man or woman with whatever they need, now matter how old the child is.

“We start with a pregnancy test, we do an ultrasound, we provide free STI testing, we provide material assistance and the form of diapers and wipes and formula and baby food, clothing, furniture, whatever we have that they need, that’ll get that help,” Anderson said.

Both sides believe, down to their core, they are doing the right thing.

“The vast majority of abortions happen as a matter of either convenience or out of fear. And if we have the answer to those issues, why are we taking the life of a child? Because that child has no voice to make a choice to continue his or her life,” Anderson said.

“Forced births is forced hunger, abuse, homelessness, neglect. Those things are real because those individuals who choose abortion because they can’t afford another child and it breaks their heart but they can’t afford another child,” Tardif said.

WINK News reached out to Republican State Sen. Kathleen Passidomo to ask what was next for abortion restrictions in Florida.

Her staff said she did not have time to talk.

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