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Man arrested, accused of voyeurism video in Bowman’s Beach Park

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A man was arrested in Chicago for voyeurism in Bowman’s Beach Park on July 28, according to the Sanibel Police Department.

Dana Alan Caruso, 58, was arrested in Chicago, Illinois, on Aug. 19, and he is accused of taping the video.

On July 28, employees with Sanibel’s Public Works Department noticed a new fire alarm device had been installed on the wall of the family restroom located at Bowman’s Beach Park, according to the Sanibel Police Department.

After verifying the device had not been installed by staff in the Public Works Department, the Sanibel Police Department was notified.

Sanibel Police Department responded and initiated an investigation.

The officers verified the device was not a fire alarm and suspected it could contain a video recording device. The Sanibel Police Department obtained a search warrant to check the contents of the device and discovered it contained a video camera.

After further investigation, the Sanibel Police Department was able to identify a suspect who may have installed the unauthorized video recording device, according to the news release.

The police notified other law enforcement departments in Southwest Florida so restrooms and changing areas in other jurisdictions could be checked for similar devices.

On Aug. 9, the Sanibel Police Department secured an arrest warrant for the suspect and coordinated with other jurisdictions in Florida to locate him.

Caruso was arrested on Aug. 19 by law enforcement officers in Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport.

The arrest warrant lists several felony and misdemeanor charges for Caruso.

The Sanibel Police Department is working with other members of the law enforcement community to facilitate extradition and prosecution in this case.

“The suspect was thought to be moving through various communities in Florida, and our detective was working through the leads quickly with the help of the State Attorney’s Office and the Lee County Sheriff,” said Sanibel police Chief William Dalton. “We had to stay focused on the investigation until he was apprehended.”

Dalton is asking residents and patrons who may have used the family restrooms on July 28 to contact his staff.

“The person who installed this video camera to capture unsuspecting patrons using the family restroom will be brought to justice,” said Chief Dalton. “I ask that anyone who used the family restroom facilities at Bowman’s Beach Park on July 28 to contact Det. John Eicher by calling 239-472-3111. We would like to identify victims of this crime so additional charges against the suspect can be considered.”

Rudy Woodridge lives in Sanibel and visitor Claire Horton shared some thoughts with WINK News.

“Just disgusting, really hard to believe that people are that sick that they would put a hidden camera in a public washroom,” Woodridge said.

“Thank God for somebody being vigilant and, you know, noticing some small detail like that, and then, you know, reporting it and, and the police, you know, quickly investigating,” Woodridge said.

“I mean, you’re always checking your surroundings for safety. But that’s just one more thing,” Woodridge said. “Now you have to worry about and you shouldn’t have to people shouldn’t have to worry about, you know, a safe space like that should be safe.”

“I’m a little bit shocked, and a little bit mortified, and a little bit disgusted, that somebody wouldn’t even think to do such a thing,” Horton said. “It’s gonna make me more cautious and more alert.”

Caruso is expected to be extradited to Lee County.