Collier County woman suspects drone spied on her while she changed

Writer: Matthew Seaver
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Drone spotted flying outside the home of two Naples women. (Credit: Natalie Manrique)

UPDATE: The drone believed by the subject of this story to have been spying on her through a window was determined to belong to FPL.

Original story below.

You’ve heard of a peeping Tom, but what about a peeping drone? That’s what one woman says was spying on her while she changed inside her home in Collier County.

A woman says she and her mother both noticed a strange noise outside, and when they looked out the window, they saw a drone staring back at them.

The woman was in what she thought was the safety of her own home. She just got home from the beach and went upstairs to change. She looked out her window and saw a drone flying outside, watching her.

Now, the women have revenge on their minds.

“Give me your drone. I’ll smash it in front of your face,” Lourdes Albert, who spotted the drone outside her house.

This was a deviant drone.

Natalie Manrique can put up with a lot, but she isn’t putting up with this. She was the woman the drone spied on while she was changing.

“If you ever wanna do it again, knock on my door. We’re heavily protected, and I dare you,” said Manrique.

Manrique said the incident happened last week after she came home from the beach. She got to her mother’s place, got undressed, looked outside the window, “And I see this huge apparatus,” said Manrique.

The apparatus she is referring to is the drone flying outside of her window. Her mother saw it too.

“In front of my face. Two feet away. By my balcony,” said Albert. “I wanted to get a brick and throw it at it and break it and smash it and step on it! But you think of all of those awesome things after it’s all over.”

While she freaked out, Manrique took out her phone and took videos of the drone.

Drone spotted flying outside the home of two Naples women. (Credit: Natalie Manrique)

So how does law enforcement catch this drone and find the person flying this machine?

It’s easier said than done. The Collier County Sheriff’s Office said, while filming people without their permission is illegal, it’s almost impossible to find the person who put the drone in the air and outside that window unless these two actually smashed it with a brick.

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