Drone women thought was spying on them determined to be from FPL

Writer: Matthew Seaver
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Drone spotted flying outside the home of two Naples women. (Credit: Natalie Manrique)

WINK News has learned that the drone that a woman says was peeping in on her at her home belongs to Florida Power and Light.

The mother and her daughter are still upset and want something done.

Florida Power and Light put the drone in the air to do a routine inspection of power lines, but the ladies who live nearby say they don’t care. They maintain that the operator of the drone focused inside their home and watched a woman change her clothes. They promise if they see the drone again, they’re going to throw bricks at it.

WINK News viewers were quick to point out that the drone the women thought was spying on them was, in fact, not doing that. They saw the drone and said it was an FPL drone inspecting power lines.

Lourdes Albert didn’t know that and still doesn’t believe it. She said the person flying the drone peeped in on her while she was changing.

“I’m letting you know I’m going to throw a brick at you if I see you again,” said Albert.

Lourdes called the Collier County Sheriff’s Office, and responding deputies believed her story. They didn’t make any connection to FPL.

“It was conducting a proactive assessment, which we do on a routine basis,” said Marshall Hastings, with Florida Power and Light.

WINK News asked FPL if the drone could have been taking pictures of Lourdes naked.

“It only captures pictures of FPL infrastructure. So FPL poles and FPL wires,” said Hastings.

Hastings also said they called the owner of these apartments to tell them the drone testing was going to happen. Lourdes says she never got the message.

That may be because Lourdes rents her apartment from the person who owns it and says the message was not relayed to her.

The message wasn’t relayed to the Collier County Sheriff’s Office either.

Lourdes is adamant she will throw bricks at the drone if she sees it here again.

If you see an FPL drone, don’t throw a brick at it or attempt to destroy it. It is illegal.

FPL conducts about 120,000 drone powerline inspection flights a year, so don’t be surprised if you see a drone near your home, especially if your home is near power lines.

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