Father, 2 sons save 4 teens who crashed truck into Cape Coral canal

Writer: Paul Dolan
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Angel Roman explained that he and his sons are not heroes. They simply did what any good person would have done given the same circumstances.

A truck with four teenagers inside crashed into a rail, struck a water main and landed in a canal. That’s when Roman and his twin sons leaped out of bed and into action.

A pickup truck sits in a Cape Coral canal, Monday, July 17, 2023. Credit: Cape Coral Fire Department

Maytee Roman said her Cape Coral neighborhood has always been filled with peace.

“I just hear this tiny voice over and over: ‘I need help, I need help,'” said Maytee Roman.

However, on Monday morning, there wasn’t much peace in the neighborhood.

“If that car would have flipped over, they would have not been alive,” said Maytee.

Around 12:30 a.m. Monday, Maytee and her husband heard the crash happen.

“I yelled, ‘There’s a car in the water, there’s a car in the water!” said Maytee.

The truck had four teenagers inside.

“Three 15-year-olds and one 16-year-old,” said Maytee.

The truck was heading south on Burnt Store Road when suddenly the driver lost control crashing into the guardrail, the water main and then into the water. Maytee felt like she was reliving a nightmare.

“As a parent, I lost a nephew in a car accident many years ago, seven years ago, eight years actually. And I was panicking,” said Maytee. “I’m not gonna lie, I was crying or screaming, ‘Get them out of the water, get them out of the water!'”

Her husband listened to Maytee’s screams and pleadings.

“Looked out the window and told my wife, there’s a truck in the water,” said Angel.

Angel along with Aundre and Alek, his 20-year-old twin sons, did not hesitate.

“Just ran downstairs… my sons behind me,” said Angel. “Just hoping they were all OK.”

What they saw was not as scary as what they heard.

“Just some kids screaming, ‘Help! help! help!'” said Angel

Angel and his sons jumped in the water and began pulling the kids out of the truck.

“We just grabbed their hands and started getting them out,” said Angel.

They brought all four of the teenagers out to safety.

“We just tried to get him to calm down, to tell him that everything was OK,” said Angel.

WINK News asked Angel if he considers himself a hero, to which he calmly and casually replied by saying, “Not really.”

Angel considers himself a normal guy from Westchester, New York.

“Just did what anybody would have done,” said Angel. “Yeah, we just got them out of the water, so we just– instinct just took over.”

Respectfully, Maytee thinks overwise.

“I think they’re heroes,” said Maytee. “I think that they’re amazing. I think that they come together as a family, and knowing everything that we go through in life on a day-to-day basis, I’m just proud of them.”

The Romans told WINK News when the truck crashed, the water was at low tide. If the water was at high tide, it would have been at least a couple feet higher, and maybe the truck would have gone under. The family said it’s a miracle the kids are still alive.

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