Deputies investigate second shooting targeting state rep.’s home

Author: Haley Zarcone Writer: Carolina Guzman
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A bullet flew into a child’s bedroom inside the home of Republican State Representative Spencer Roach in North Fort Myers, and the Lee County Sheriff’s Office is now investigating.

State Representative Roach said he didn’t hear gunfire or realize someone fired a bullet into his home until he woke up Thursday morning.

Representative Roach does not have any kids, but he does serve as a foster parent at times.

The lawmaker said there are surveillance cameras and Lee County deputies are reviewing the video.

He said he gets death threats every once in a while, but what happened at his home is different.

“Look, I just thank God that there was no kid in the room, that I wasn’t in the room. It could’ve been much worse, but I’ll tell ya, I was a little shaken up when I discovered and realized what had happened.” State Representative Spencer Roach said.

Deputies on scene said they will have to cut out the drywall in the room to retrieve the bullet. They’re also talking with neighbors to see if they might have seen or heard anything.

Roach said he can’t pinpoint when the shooting happened or if he and his family were home at the time.

This isn’t the first time Representative Roach has had bullets fly at his property. A bullet hit his North Fort Myers office for the first time in August 2021.

The hole where the bullet came in was just three feet away from his desk.

Participants of a neighboring business’s gun class accidentally used a live round.

Detectives are still investigating.

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