New police chief of Fort Myers begins term

Reporter: Peter Fleischer
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Fort Myers’ new police Chief Jason Fields hasn’t finished hanging pictures or filling his desk drawers yet, but on his first day as the city’s top cop, he sat down in his new office with WINK News investigative reporter Peter Fleischer.  

His nameplate has only been sitting on his desk for a few hours, but Fields has already gotten to work. 

As he gets settled in, the response around the city has touched his heart.  

“Absolutely overwhelming. I can’t find a stronger word for it. It’s been pouring in. I’m humbled by it. Embarrassed by it,” Fields admits, as he sits in his new office. “I never thought it’d be that much.” 

A 23-year veteran who has only ever worked law enforcement at FMPD, Fields said he never thought about sitting in the chief’s chair until the late Chief Derrick Diggs got sick last year. 

“Nothing really strong until within the last year or so. We had the uncertainty with Chief Diggs,” Fields explained. “What if I did it? What would I do with the position? Could this be a reality? The position became available, and I jumped in with both feet.” 

From the night he was approved as chief, Fields has talked about getting to work. WINK News asked if he’s allowed himself any time to soak in this moment. 

“I haven’t yet,” Fields confesses. “Once it calms down and settles a bit, I get into a groove or routine, being in this new position. That’s when it’ll settle in a little bit more.” 

On his first day, the start of what the city hopes is a long, successful tenure, Fields is upfront about what Fort Myers and this department means to him. 

“It means everything. I’ve spent half my life at this department with the people here,” Fields said. “It defines a lot of who I am.”

Asked what the community should expect from the 23rd chief in FMPD history, he responded, “Servant leadership is one of the things I really value. It’s not about me in the position. It’s about what I can do in this position for others.”

Working for others in the city he loves.

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