WINK Exclusive: Football coach breaks silence after viral video berating his players

Reporter: Michael Hudak Writer: Paul Dolan
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In a WINK News exclusive interview, a football coach finally breaks his silence weeks after a viral video shows him berating one of his players with insults and threats.

Southwest Florida Prep and Tech head football coach Derek Jenks wouldn’t tell WINK News why he lost his cool, what prompted the screaming or how things rapidly intensified. Instead, Jenks told WINK News he helped build the program from the ground up, and he is not prepared to let it fall down.

“I’m not going to speak upon that,” coach Jenks said referencing what led up to the video. “Because at this point, obviously, there was an ongoing issue that created the outburst that I hold myself accountable for.”

In Jenks’ first and only TV interview since the video went viral of him berating and challenging 18-year-old Alvin Day to fight, Jenks refused to say what prompted the outburst recorded by one of his own players.

“For the protection of my players in our program, we’re gonna leave that silent. Because right now, that doesn’t matter what happened. What matters is my actions. And that’s what we need to be held accountable for right now,” said coach Jenks.

The prep school coach said all he cares about at this point, is moving forward.

“I was embarrassed. And I didn’t watch the video for almost five days after it came out because I was embarrassed of myself,” said coach Jenks. “Because I’d let my family down…”

WINK News wanted to know how Jenks plans on moving forward and proving to the families of the players he coaches that they should trust him again.

“I think the mental health, the mental health of this moving forward is having a life coach with me,” said coach Jenks.

When WINK News arrived at Southwest Florida Prep and Tech’s facility after the video spread across social media, a source said Jenks entered anger management classes, but Jenks denied that.

“I don’t know where that came (from). I don’t know why that was posted,” said coach Jenks.

Jenks notes he has taken the necessary time that he feels is right to improve himself from ever doing something like this again.

“My emotions got the best to me, my emotions went too far, I realized that I’ve stepped back took some time to think about that got the right people in my life, to kind of help mentor me because I’m 45… I still need a mentor to be better,” said coach Jenks.

Jenks told WINK News he is officially lifting his self-imposed suspension after the entire team and coach staff took a vote to lift the suspension.

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