Exclusive: New Naples Police Chief, Ciro Dominguez, talks with WINK News

Reporter: Michelle Alvarez Writer: Paul Dolan
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With decades of experience in the police department and raised in Naples, the new Naples Police Chief, Ciro Dominguez, wants to make the department the best it can be.

Chief Dominguez said he’s already talking to his command staff, and gathering ideas about where they want to go.

Naples Police Chief Dominguez has spent 38 years in law enforcement.

Dominguez began by discussing the importance of experience for the job ahead.

“It (experience) is, because the role of a chief of police, there are several roles, obviously, you have the role of a manager and an administrator and those kinds of things. But the most important role is to be a mentor and to shape the culture of the organizations,” said Chief Dominguez.

It doesn’t hurt to be familiar with the department, too.

“It’s a very good department. And we the command staff, and I want to take it to great and then to borrow from the title of the book from good to great. So, working with them as a team and facilitating their needs,” said Chief Dominguez.

He goes on to explain the big issues he wants to take on.

“We want to address recruitment and screening, keep getting the right people and the great character person that we want to be a police officer here,” Chief Dominguez said.

One of the issues Chief Dominguez noted that was toward the top of his list is traffic.

“Traffic is always a little higher volume during the season. So, putting traffic units out, addressing traffic concerns, addressing education on traffic, traffic calming patterns, and things like that,” said Chief Dominguez.

Chief Dominguez didn’t think twice about the opportunity because he grew up in Naples and calls the area home. This is his dream job and the only one to get him out of retirement.

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