WINK Exclusive: Property owner where dismemberment and murder happened talks

Reporter: Annalise Iraola
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WINK News is getting a first look inside the home where a man was found dismembered after his alleged killer jumped through a window with a knife in hand at police.

Inside a bedroom, you would see children’s toys piled high in boxes and a high chair. It’s the same bedroom where the window was smashed out.

The Fort Myers Police Department were confronted by a man who was exiting through the window with a knife and a body part.

WINK News was shown elements that we cannot share with the public because of their graphic nature.

Blood drops covered the floor of the house.

WINK News was outside of the victim’s bedroom where the murder and dismembering happened, but the crime scene tells a gruesome, sad story.

The chilling details of what happened inside the home on Grand Avenue are starting to come to light.

WINK News spoke exclusively with the property owner, who talked about the murderer, the family, and the elderly disabled roommate who was killed there.

The Fort Myers Police Department said Willy Lomaine killed his roommate and dismembered his body as his wife and kids ran to neighbors for help.

“To me, it was a very painful situation,” said Jean Erick Willy, the property owner, “and I don’t understand why that happened, and I spoke to the wife. The wife said she doesn’t know what happened. There was no argument, there was no problem going on.”

Willy allowed WINK News inside, where we could see the children’s toys, smashed window pane, and a boarded-up window where Lomaine exited while holding a knife and partial torso before police shot him.

Willy said the only reason he knows why Lomaine would do this is because he wanted his roommate gone.

“He wants him to leave the house, but he didn’t have any place to go. That’s why I was begging for him to let him stay. Because they have no family, and that was the situation, and it was very painful for me to find out he got killed,” said Willy.

Willy said that the victim was elderly, disabled and blind.

Willy said he never had problems with either tenant, including Lomaine, the accused killer.

“He’s a very loving guy. I saw him, this kid always in his arms every day, so he’s just all of a sudden situation, unexpected,” said Willy.

Willy said despite what he knew of Lomaine before the murder, you can never judge a book by its cover.

“You have to be careful who you deal with a lot. Sometimes, people do change, will change. To me, it is still unbelievable. I can’t believe what this man did,” said Willy.

The Fort Myers Police Department said the officers involved are on paid administrative leave per department policy. The investigation remains active.

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