FSW softball legend Feline Poot joins coaching staff

Author: Zach Oliveri
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Feline Poot’s name is all over the Florida Southwestern softball record books. She holds the record for home runs (55), hits (229) and RBI’s (227). Poot is also a three-time National Champion. The four year legend in the purple and teal is back as a volunteer assistant coach.

“I feel like you know coach is such a serious like title,” Poot said. And I see it as like a former player big sister that’s still helping out.”

She added, “I felt there was just a bigger purpose for me to stick around and help these girls in their game in their life.”

During practice, you can find “Coach Fay” in the cages working on the player’s swings, some even her former teammates.

“She was here for so many years like she was so experienced that it was like she was my coach last year,” FSW first baseman Ella Moore said.

“It was a pleasure to have a player past player with her experience that’s been through three trips to nationals,” FSW head coach Robert Iamurri said. “That’s close in their age but mature enough to understand the difference between a player and a coach.”

The three-time All-American’s coaching philosophy is based on her experience as a player. She focuses on building the player’s confidence and the mental approach to the game.

“I want these girls to remember their why. Why they’re here, why they’re doing this,” Poot explained. “And sometimes I’ll stop the practice and I like let’s do around do what you’re thankful for. Or what’s your favorite part about softball.”

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