Local rabbi returns from Israel and shares chilling experience

Reporter: Claire Galt Writer: Matias Abril
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A local rabbi went to Israel to visit soldiers, hospitals, and temples. What he saw, heard, and felt will never leave him.

Rabbi Minkowicz wasn’t scared to go. He said God would protect him. He’s back home safe now.

He described absolute horror and cruelty. He visited the border cities where Hamas butchered hundreds of Israelis on October 7.

He said some streets were flooded with blood, and houses were burned to the ground.

He visited mourning families whose mothers, fathers, brothers, and sisters were murdered in vulgar ways. He spoke with families of hostages who had videos of their loved ones chained up like animals, living in conditions no one should ever face.

Still, Minkowicz said he is happy he went. He even said he would go back.

The rabbi said he tried to bring joy and the love of God to those he met because that’s all he could do.

He danced with the children, brought the kids letters from home to the soldiers, visited the wailing wall, and prayed with those in the hospital.

Rabbi Minkowicz said he is going to get trauma therapy because of what he saw in Israel.

At the same time, he said he is more motivated than ever.

He said the four days of trauma he endured are nothing compared to what people in Israel are living every single day.

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